Social Cognition is the scientific study of how individuals remember, perceive, and think about those in their social environment and the ways in which our cognitions are influenced by the social context. 


At Iowa State University, the Social Cognition Research Cluster consists of faculty and students interested in person perception, social identity and health, attitudes and persuasion, and autobiographical memory.

Faculty members:  Kevin Blankenship, Kristi Costabile, Gary Wells, and Alison Phillips

Graduate Students:  Adrienne Austin, Abby Boytos, Kelly Kane, Nicole Hayes, Marielle Machacek, Tyler Knaplund, Kathryn Bunda, Ryan Ditchfield, Adele Quigley-McBride, Kimberly More, Lukas Sotola, Andreas Miles, Johnie Allen, and Garrett Hisler

We hold a weekly Social Cognition Research Seminar.



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